Our Services

We provide excellent services across several industries.

Procurement Capability

In line with its strategic positioning in engineering, remediation, sourcing and supplying of major oil and Gas Equipments and the Marine services, KENOX INT’L has a well-developed technical partnership with KC Global Procurement LLP UK and SONIK PLATINUM ENGINEERING LIMITED, a U.S. base outfit which has a wide range of key suppliers and stockiest in the UK and U.S.A.

They helps to ensure that goods are sourced and delivered at a very high speed and safely too.

LENS SERVICES to act as a bundle supplier for large variety of materials groups such as mechanical, electrical / instrumentation, pipe / piping fittings, oil tools etc.

Expediting Services

KENOX INT’L is a buyer driven organization, quick to adapt to various needs of our clients, our knowledge of international sources helps us meet exacting requirement quickly.

Our personal attention to each transaction ensures strict disciple and assured response. As part of our strategy for competitiveness we accept continuous offer in the most advantageous currency.

Land and Water Transport

Our support services section is designed to render door to door assistance to our clients whether through land or sea.

These can be achieved through our sister company FREDRICH OIL AND GAS LIMITED.

Packing / Cleaning of Sites

This specialized service involves the movement of personal effects or office equipment after projects, from one place to another within and outside Nigeria.

Packing / cleaning materials designed to specification are used to execute this service. Our experience in this field has been very invaluable to blue chip companies like NAOC.

Our Office and Warehouse

Port Harcourt is the nerve center of KENOX INT’L’s operation we can execute orders effectively from any part of the country. Warehouse facilities are available in our Port Harcourt office and also in our construction site to enable us handle or repack ordered materials.